Candidate Feedback

  • My Assessor was extremely helpful with the requirements needed to achieve the award and was always available if there was anything I was unsure about.
  • Assessor was “top class” always available and extremely helpful.
  • The overall experience was enjoyable to the point where I now intend to go on to the A1 Assessor Award myself.
  • At 53 years of age I did not want to learn and qualify but my Assessor made it an interesting thorough course which was most informative, helpful and enjoyable and made me more aware of how important the job what I do is. It was very helpful.
  • My Assessor was very clear on options/services. I felt I had enough IAG information.
  • My Assessor was very organised. Assistance was offered if required.
  • My Assessor was a very good Assessor.

Company feedback

  • The Assessor has shown our staff the wider impacts of their roles as ambassadors for the Council.
  • Fantastic quality of training and assessment provided.
  • The changes I have made to our recycle yard during the 20 months of my assessment are all down to my assessment, and are all for the better for myself and employees of my company.
  • Thank you to my Assessor.
  • The Assessor gave me all the support I needed. It was his professional and good tutoring that got me through. A credit to him and all involved. Now I have got more confidence in my ability who knows what I and the company can achieve.